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3 resources that help in a crisis
One way to help a friend in crisis is to help them identify important resources – spiritual, personal, and interpersonal.
(1) Spiritual resources.
‘Help them find refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble’ Help them get rid of the darkness and confusion surrounding them. Your presence with someone addresses the loneliness, and your power can enable the hurting heart to overcome feelings of helplessness. People in crisis are often disoriented, which causes them to forget what they already have.
(2) Personal resources.
Remind them of their unique strengths and skills. Help them recall past triumphs when they successfully navigated through tough times. Encourage a positive attitude that looks to the future rather than being paralysed by present pain. And last but not least, remind them of your support.
(3) Interpersonal resources.
Family members, friends, business associates and neighbours are likely to be supportive, and community resources are also available for medical, financial and material assistance. The local church is another network source. People in crisis are often too embarrassed to ask for help; they feel like they should be able to handle their own problems. Help them understand that you are blessed by giving, and that one day they too will have an opportunity to help someone else who is ‘in trouble’.