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Business Coach and Mentor: Is an investment in a business coach and mentor really worth the cost?

Good question. Here’s another:

Is seeing a physician worth the investment, even when we are not sick or hurting, for example: getting a physical?

As you investigate the pros & cons of hiring a business coach and mentor, here are a few other strong factors to consider:

All High Performers Have Coaches

Virtually everyone who has attained the heights of high performance, in every field that can be imagined, has had a coach.

Tiger Woods has had numerous coaches, and trains with one today. Michael Jordan had a coach. Tim Cook has been coached. Surfing legend Kelly Slater has several coaches – including a coach for yoga alone.

It’s no different in business and that is what CEO coaching will do for you: Set you apart from the rest of the pack, in the way that the achievers above have set themselves apart from their respective packs.

High performers and champions understand that no one realises their full potential through just their own individual efforts. While this may seem like common sense, our culture has also bequeathed upon us stories of bootstraps, determination, grit and rags-to-riches. While effort, practice, and disciplined application are central to our journey… the myth of the lone man or woman ascending to greatness may just be that: a myth.

At some point, every individual achieves the maximum level of development possible according to their level of awareness. At this time, working with a coach or mentor is key toward identifying those aspects of ourselves that we don’t know we don’t know.

And that’s where we can help, through our Business Coach and Mentor Programme.

Business coach and mentor

Are You:




Wanting to Grow your Business Quickly, but Sustainably


A person with Integrity


Wanting to be The Best in your business


Desiring a Big Vision


Developing a Mover and Shaker Mentality


A People Promoter

Benefits to working with us are:


You will Make EVEN More Money


You will Grow Your Business Substantially with our proven systems and processes


You will be working with two Kiwi’s who have Trained & Mentored Business Owners to Success Since 1999


You will Get Back Your Personal Time to do the Things You Really Want to do


You can have Confidence in our Ability to Help You, as we have Practical as well as Theoretical Business Knowledge, having run and operated multiple businesses already

CEO Coaching – Accelerated

Peak Performance Business Accelerator helps business owners to achieve your goals and achieve FREEDOM.

With decades of experience in business & property development, we have learnt not only how to run a successful business, but also how to build a business to a sustainable level which means that it no longer needs you 24/7. We will help you achieve the same with your business so you work less and get paid more and have FREEDOM.

One of our core values is to guide and train Business Owners and Middle Managers to become better LEADERS and help them achieve the FREEDOM that they desire. Better Leaders, means better business, and better business means better Communities

“After having training from Pete & Janelle for 5 months, we haven’t looked back. Although we still have the rest of our journey to go, we have come such a long way with them and have every confidence in them to see us through to our destination.

Their mantra of “change your mind, change your business” has proved to be the core principle of what has changed for us, and their understanding of us as persons and our business have proved invaluable.”

Think Business Coach and Mentor – Think Global Business Success

Business Training FAQ’s

Why would I need to employ a mentor in my business?

Do you remember your first day at school? You had a teacher at the front who guided and mentored you for the next 10 years. And then you went to Trade School or University and again there was a mentor at the front helping and guiding you.

Every sports team or individual athlete has a Mentor or Mentors. They help the sportsperson with strategy, ideas and headspace. They help get them to where they want to be, faster.

Why do we not do the same when we go into business. Business is hard when you try to do it by yourself. With a Mentor, you achieve your results faster.

My team aren't doing what I want them to do, how can you help?
We are Employee Engagement specialists.

Our FOCUS is to help you get the best from your employees.

Our FOCUS is to get your employees coming to work, happy, enthusiastic and passionate for the job you pay them to do. After all, a third of their time each day is spent with you!

A Gallup poll reveals that 84% of employees are disengaged or totally disengaged in their work.

34% of salaries are being wasted due to employee disengagement.

We have a 10 week employee Employee Engagement program that will re-engage your employees and increase productivity – which means you as the business owner make more money.

I've paid a consultant £1000's and received nothing for it, how are you different?

We understand this. We are NOT consultants or Coaches. We Mentor Business owners, we don’t coach them..

The difference:

A coach asks questions to elicit an answer from you.

A Mentor has done what you do. They’ve already walked the path that you’re taking. Invariably they have made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. A Mentor journeys beside you, not just come into the business and then write a white paper and suggest you go and implement the findings – by yourself.

I've tried implementing new ideas into my business before, but they never last, how is this going to be different?
This is the essence of Mentoring. We help you implement the ideas and then we journey with you to, help you be accountable to ensure the ideas are implemented and tracked in your business. FOCUS & ACCOUNTABILITY are the 2 key words. You may not like them, you may not even want to be accountable!!! But when you take RESPONSIBILITY great things will happen for you.
I don't like being told I am not running my business the right way!
You know your business better than we do. What we do is help you with strategy and knowledge to make the difference you require to have a profitable business that gives you FREEDOM, more time and make even more money.

Your Business is like every other Business. You have a Product/Service that you put on the shelf to sell. You need to entice buyers to come and buy. Every Business is the same. We will help you solve your clients problems and provide them with a great solution so they buy more of your Product/Service than your competitor!

Why would I use you, what experience do you have to help me?

Janelle and I have run multiple successful businesses since 2000, so we understand the theoretical and practical side of running businesses. We have not been made redundant in the corporate world, and as a fall-back, become a ‘coach’.

We Mentor Business Owners, which means we have been where you potentially are, and we have done what you are possibly wanting to do. We’ve walked the path and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. We have the skills and knowledge through practical application to help you.

How can you help me make more money in my Business?
Most business owners ask this question and it is fundamental to being a happy and prosperous business owner who has FREEDOM. Follow, implement and apply our 7 Fundamental Laws of Business, and we can pretty much guarantee you will make even more money.

Our whole desire is to make you money more quickly than if you tried to do it by yourself. Come and test us on this!

I like you but I can get a cheaper coach!

Yes, you can, and we know that. We have deliberately positioned ourselves to ensure we are not the cheapest.

We want clients who want to invest in themselves and their Business, and make a difference for themselves and their business, so they finally have FREEDOM. And we’re Mentors, not coaches, there’s a world of difference.

I don't have enough time?
Time is the issue for most business owners. They are working so much IN the business that they don’t have time to work ON the strategic side of the business. Therefore it’s unlikely they will grow.

Most of us have many excuses for not managing our time. You say, ‘But I have a very busy life.’. Can you imagine telling a physical trainer you’d really like to be fit, but you don’t have the time to come to the gym? He’d say that you’re not serious!

When you say you don’t have enough time, what you’re telling us, is you have a self management issue, not a time management issue.

Coaching seems expensive!

Yes Coaching is!!!!!! That’s why we are Mentors.

To make money, you need to put money out first – it’s the way the law of business works, and the Universe. The Universe hates a vacuum. Create a vacuum that needs to be filled.

Most people get advice from ‘poor’ people or people who have not run a Business. This advice is expensive. What is cheap at the time, can led to some very expensive mistakes.

Pay for value and you’ll reap the reward. Be cheap and your mindset will ensure only cheap clients come your way, because that’s what you’re saying to the Universe. When you employ a Mentor, do exactly as they say, and invest in yourself. It will be the cheapest investment you will ever make.

Are you juggling too many things in your business?

You’re not alone! Here is a short video of what can start to happen when you try to take on to much.

If this is how you feel, get in touch with us here and we shall show you how to juggle successfully!

A Recent Testimonial

Dear Pete and Janelle

I was driving into the work this evening, digesting everything that I’ve learned from both of you and I realised that your coaching has turned me from someone who believed they were pretty doomed as a business owner, into someone who is excited and energised in my business future.

I always knew I was good at what I do, but was floundering in how to make my talent work as a structured, profitable business.
Your coaching filled that hole and your engaging, interactive methods of teaching showed me how ownership, accountability and responsibility underpins everything.

You have astounded me, empowered me and galvanised me into action and I cannot thank you enough.

Your coaching is truly exceptional.
With gratitude.

The Primary Benefit of A Business Coach and Mentor

The primary benefit of enganging a business coach and mentor is not just the training and development you will get as a single person – though you will benefit greatly in this regard.

The real benefit of hiring a business coach and mentor is the influence that you will have on the rest of your organisation.

When you are at the top of the organisation, the trickle-down effect of your improved high performance and behaviour will elevate the behavior and performance of your entire team.

Every person in an organisation brings their talents and skills to the table. There may be even more hidden beneath the surface of the people where you work. Drawing forth the unexpressed insight, ability, and enjoyment from the hearts and minds of everyone in your organisation, is most effective when it begins at the top. An effective business coach and mentor will equip you with the skills and wherewithall to do this.

Our Vision

To be the PREMIER Training and Mentoring Business WORLDWIDE, by helping Business Owners to grow and develop themselves & their Businesses, to create more FREEDOM & WEALTH.

Global Business Performance Ltd is the umbrella for our Corporate Leadership Programmes and our Business Education & Training programmes (trading as Peak Performance Business Accelerator)

Pete and Janelle O’Keeffe are poised to share their years of knowledge gained through working for large corporate firms with you.