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Cheryl continually complained that she didn’t make enough money, couldn’t afford the things she wanted, and therefore wasn’t going to amount to anything.
Her counsellor said, ‘You’re wasting your energy complaining, instead of using it to get ahead.’ Cheryl countered, ‘You don’t understand. The job is the problem, not me.’
The counsellor said, ‘Your low-paying job may be a problem and your boss may demand too much, but when you’re continually upset you’re causing yourself more harm than either your boss or your job.’
Cheryl asked, ‘What can I do?’
The counsellor said, ‘You can’t control your boss or the job, but you can control how you feel about them. Change your attitude.’
Cheryl took her advice. When she stopped whining about her life, people noticed. She got a promotion, and with her new job status she was more marketable. Within several months she was transferred to a position with higher pay and a more supportive boss.
Good things happen for people with a good attitude your attitude is something you can choose, regardless of circumstances.
True joy is an inside job that’s not subject to people or outside situations.
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