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If you’ve lost your joy in being with others, maybe it’s because you’re comparing yourself to others and trying to be like them. So avoid comparisons, and resist exaggerations. Don’t be distracted by criticism, or engage in fruitless debates.
Author John Bunyan said if his life was fruitless it didn’t matter who praised him, and if it was fruitful it didn’t matter who criticised him.
Speaker and writer Anne Peterson adds: ‘Kill the dragons of comparison…When I see something that ruffles my feathers I pray for that person. Instead of wondering when I’ll attain the thing I’m working towards, I dwell on the wonderful things I already have.
Contentment is available as long as you keep your eyes on the positive of your life.
An unknown poet wrote:
‘The stick I made for measuring, I used most every day.
It helped me to compare myself with others on my way.
I watched all those behind me, or further down the road, and I would readjust my pace or lighten up my load.
The most important drawback with how I ran my race, was watching those comparisons etched on my face!’
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