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When we are looking to increase our cashflow and retain customers into our shops, customer experience, and how we treat a person who enters our premises, is the key to keep them coming back, and stopping them purchasing on-line.

2 Contrasts:

# 1:   The Crust Bakery.  Faversham 

I walked in and was greeted with a welcome.  I ordered my cheese roll and my sausage roll.

The lady asked if I would like a piece of cake with my order.  I declined!

She asked if I would like a drink with my order – I declined!

What a fabulous and subtle upsell and done with such a lovely demeanour.

It put a smile on my face, and while I didn’t purchase the upsell offerings, it’s in the back of my mind, so that next time I make a purchase I may very well be tempted, because it’s in my sub-conscious.

I really enjoyed the casual and friendly banter.  It made giving my money really easy and a memorable experience.

This was great sales skills, done with a lovely demeanour, and a pleasure to purchase from this shop – which I have done often.

#2: A retailer in town. (Faversham)

I walked in and the proprietor was at the till.

They didn’t look up or greet me.

I was in the shop for about 10 minutes.  At no stage was I asked, or offered any help.

I could get this same experience on-line!  (There was no tangible difference)

A young lad, possibly about 10 years of age, came in and asked the proprietor if a dog was allowed in the shop.  The proprietor looked up and with a gruff voice, said ‘Yep’ and then looked down again at what they were doing.   No further interaction.

I looked at the young lads face.  He hesitated as to whether he should continue coming into the shop or not.  I felt sorry for him.  It will have an effect on his sales expectation.

I then left, still without any acknowledgement of my presence.

What I saw in the shop, I can buy on-line.  I had money in my pocket ready to make a purchase.  I chose not to.

Who knows what may have been going on in this Business owners mind.  However,  these are two contrasting experiences.

  • If we want to keep customers coming into our shop and retain their custom, so they don’t buy on-line, we need to treat them with respect.
  • Acknowledge their presence and greet them – even if they don’t buy. (because they just may come back if treated respectfully)
  • Offer genuine help
  • Understand it is about them, the customer – not us. They have a choice – we don’t.
  • Give the customer an outstanding experience, so we are memorable, and they want to return.
  • If we as Business owners are having a bad day, the customer doesn’t know that, nor do they need to know. It’s up to us to change our demeanour, however hard that may be
  • We can make excuses, or we can change our behaviour – it’s up to us and what we want our business and ourselves to be remembered for.

Contrast – when we can see and feel the difference.