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Business Growth Events

We hold regular workshop based events where we help you address various topics or concerns across your business!

Join us and a group of other like minded business owners in expanding or improving your business.



The Business Builder On-Line-Training

You will learn:

  • The Lifeblood of your Business that is probably being ignored by 90% of Business Owners
  • The Dynamic Business Growth Blueprint.
  • The 7 Fundamental Laws you need for your Business
  • The 3 steps from these laws to having a successful Business



Please join me (TBA) at 19:00 hrs [7pm GMT]
for 60- 90 minutes of on-line training, where I am going to teach you…SIMPLE ideas for SERIOUS Business Owners who want SOLID results.
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SIMPLE ideas for SERIOUS Business Owners who want SOLID results.

REGISTER NOW!!! Don’t wait!!

Wednesday (TBA) at 19:00 hrs [7pm GMT]

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A series of monthly 4 hour on-line trainings for Serious Business Owners who want Serious Training to gain Serious Results.

If you want some real ideas and strategies to implement into your business then these trainings are for you.

Don’t be left behind by those Business Owners who are already implementing strategies and ideas now to make their Business successful.

Wednesday (TBA) 0930 – 1330 hrs – Money & Mindset

Wednesday (TBA) 0930 – 1330 hrs – Marketing & Media

Wednesday (TBA) 0930 – 1330 hrs – Members & Mentorship

Wednesday (TBA) 0930 – 1330 hrs – Machine & Time

INVESTMENT: £297 + vat per training.

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Financial Literacy


Would you know your gross profit from your Operating Profit – and why would you care?
What if you could talk like an Accountant does – You can talk GREEK!

Imagine being able to say, ‘OK, I get those numbers, now how do we minimise my tax on them?’

We will show you the 3 most important NUMBERS to understand, in your business.

✅ Understand what the numbers in your business mean, in plain and simple language
✅ Understand the numbers in your business (so they will no longer be like Greek)
✅ Know your numbers, so you know what you can, or can’t afford
✅ Be able to make proper financial decisions for your business
✅ Know the difference between a Balance Sheet, Income statement and cashflow forecast & what it is they tell you
✅ Know the most important scoreboard
✅ Understand who you need to help you with your financial information
✅ Know the ‘Piggy Bank’ process for Cash Management in your business

Better still, imagine what it would be like to have your relevant numbers to hand and be able to use them to make the important decisions in your business, rather than just trusting your gut!

What’s so great about knowing what a balance sheet says?

What would it mean to you if someone explained this ‘GREEK STUFF’ in plain simple-to-follow words!

Join me:

Wednesday (TBA) 0930 – 1330 hrs

Wednesday 22nd September.  0930 – 1330 hrs

Wednesday 17th November. 0930 – 1330 hrs


2 Day Inner Circle BootCamp

Sittingbourne: 24 – 25th September 2021 (Friday – Saturday) 1000 – 2000 hrs.

Maidstone: 26 – 27th November 2021 (Friday – Saturday) 1000 – 2000 hrs

Start the journey to work less and get paid even more.

You will come away from the 2 days with a systemised plan to grow your business with clarity on what you need to do NEXT to grow and scale it to make even more money

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Business Builder Day

Join us on Wednesday 25th August 2021 where you learn:

  • the secrets of the 7 Fundamental Laws of Having a very Successful Business.
  • You will learn how to unlock your potential,
  • unlock your business and
  • move your business to a place you didn’t think possible
    Hempstead House
    London Road
    ME9 9PP
    1000 – 1600 hrs – Free parking.

£97.  Lunch with Pete & Janelle O’Keeffe. Q & A session with Pete and Janelle after the event.

You will come away with 3 nuggets you can implement into your business immediately – as in the very next day.

(We want people who are committed to scaling themselves and their business.)

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C.L.S. Corporate Leadership Specialist Training

By invitation only.

a 10 week Leadership programme  for new, and aspiring Leaders.

For Business owners who want Personal guidance and advice to improve the productivity and Culture of their team and themselves.

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Inner Circle Mastermind

2021 for 2021

  • The first Tuesday of every month.
  • (You must have attended our Business Builder Day, prior to coming to the Inner Circle MasterMind to get the best value from this programme)
  • Would you like to make even more money from your Business?
  • Possibly you’d like to increase your Leadership capability?
  • Maybe you’d like to work even less hours in your Business per week, yet make the same amount of money!
  • Perhaps you’d like a bit more FREEDOM away from work……?
  • Possibly you’d like to spend more time with your family & friends!
  • If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then our Inner Circle Business Mastermind is created with you in mind.

Let 2021 be the start of your best and most productive years in Business.

If this is you….then read on…….

The 1st Tuesday of every month in Sittingbourne: 

0930 – 1800 hrs,

For a fun, & full day of learning, getting ideas and a solution focused outcome with other like-minded business owners. You will have some homework to complete before the next month to embed the learnings!

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These are certainly epic times at present and I think it’s time we forgot about ‘repivoting’ and instead looked at the ‘new rhythm’ we’re now all in.  Now more than ever we really need leaders

  • in our Country,
  • in our County,
  • in our cities, town and villages
  • and in our Businesses

to really step up and lead us properly. Because there has been some really flaky leadership throughout our country during the last 6 months.

  • Could it be they haven’t known how to lead properly
  • Or possibly they have been anxious about doing it right, and not knowing how
  • Possibly, they have wanted to lead, but no-one has ever shown them what leadership looks like
  • Maybe they think they have been doing a good job, but haven’t spoken to the people they are leading to see what they could do better
  • Potentially they have risen to the level of the Peters Principle, they have reached the level of their incompetence

Leadership is very much like farming.

A farmer plants his seeds and then has to wait for a period of time to see if his crop will grow. During that time, he can’t see anything happening, but a whole lot of processes are going on underground, until one day up pop the new shoots.

Leadership is the same.

As a leader you’re called upon to make decisions regarding

  • relationships,
  • money,
  • time,
  • values,
  • opportunities,
  • and disputes.

Your decisions show up on the bottom line. In that realm it takes longer to recognise your brilliance or your stupidity, because you’re forced to lead for long periods of time without the benefit of knowing whether you made the right call. By the time your crop starts coming in, it’s too late to change your agricultural procedure.

I’m wondering if you’d like to discuss and challenge Leadership issues further?

May I invite you to a Training that I am hosting this coming THURSDAY at 7pm. It’s on this very subject of Leadership – becoming an Elite Leadership Specialist (E.L.S.) so you’re ready for the next opportunities that are coming your way – the seeds that have been planted and are ready to sprout, and ‘harvested’ by those who are ready to lead.

If you’d like to attend, click on the link below to register and I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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Yes, I understand that everyone is either doing or attending webinars these days.

So, the big question is – will you benefit from attending?

Well I s’pose the answer is you won’t know until you’ve spent time with me. So, come and spend 60-90 minutes with me, and I’ll promise you one thing – you could be in danger of learning something when you do attend!

Click on the link below to register and I’ll look forward to seeing you Thursday 7pm.

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