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Genuine Relationships can add to your bottom line!
A client of mine, in the motor-trade industry recently saw 2 of his suppliers on a face-to-face visit for the first time. He didn’t think it was necessary as he phoned them and e-mailed them regularly.
I suggested he should go and see them as it could pay dividends for him.
When I next spoke with him he was grinning. He let me know that one supplier had a gearbox that was £100 cheaper than his normal rate. He was purchasing 15 gearboxes per month, so 180 per year.
The £100 reduction meant he was saving £18,000 per year – just as a result of visiting one of his suppliers and building a genuine relationship.
Social media is a great medium to get a message out. As humans though, we are wired to have genuine contact with our fellow beings. Don’t ever lose an opportunity to do, or show a kindness and build good relationships.
It may even save you money!