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During these Epic times, when it comes to leadership, uncertainty is a permanent part of the process. Furthermore it isn’t an indication of poor leadership, it just underscores the need for it.
It is this environment in which good leadership is most often discovered. Since you’ll be constantly called to make decisions with limited info, your goal should not be to eliminate it, but develop the ability to have faith in your abilities and be courageous and clear in spite of it.
It is not your job to remove uncertainty, it’s your job to inspire, have & provide clarity, believe, and progress in the midst of it. When you do that you are learning to be a leader.
Imagine a place without a leader, an army without a General. Structure creates order, without it no progress can be made.
As a leader you will be called upon to make decisions regarding business, relationships, money, time, values, opportunities, and disputes. Your decisions show up on the bottom line. In that realm it takes longer to recognize your brilliance or your stupidity, because you’re forced to lead for long periods of time without the benefit of knowing whether you made the right call.
By the time your crop starts coming in its too late to change your agricultural procedure.