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A married man has to think about his wife
A married woman has to think about her husband’.
If you devote more time to your career than your relationship, there’s a good chance it won’t last.
That’s why 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.
When you marry someone, you marry everything they are. and everything they’ve been through.
It’s a package deal!
You need wisdom and grace to enable you both to ‘grow in grace.’
It may not happen right away!
As Shakespeare said, ‘What wound did ever heal but by degrees?’ It takes time for even a small cut to heal. But if you’re willing, you can have the oil of compassion and the wine of love to pour into your spouse’s wounds.
Never become so available at work that you’re unavailable at home. Your first calling is to your family.
Your priorities should start there, then spread to your vocation and other pursuits.
Spend time working on their relationship’ and see the wonderful results that will happen