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Business Essentials

The essential knowledge for starting a business!

You will gain access to Pete & Janelle’s PREMIER Business Essentials On-Line Course. 7 modules designed to help you learn the 7 Fundamental Laws of Business that every Business owner needs to know to be successful. Business information that you can start implementing into your Business Immediately. Start learning this at home now, before you even come to a 3 day Bootcamp or attend a MasterMind.

Law #1 is your MINDSET, Law #2 is MARKET, Law #3 is MEDIA, Law #4 is MACHINE, Law #5 is MEMBERS, Law #6 is MONEY, Law #7 is MENTORSHIP.

Who is it for?

  • Business Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Start-up Business Owners & Companies
  • Self Employed people
  • Business Operators who want to become Business Owners

Who is it not for?

  • Anyone who does not have an open mind
  • Anyone who thinks they do not need help and are not coachable
  • Anyone who has no intention of applying the knowledge gained afterwards
  • Anyone who does not finish what they start

As an additional Bonus you will have access to Pete & Janelle’s home study vault, which means you will have access to Business Readings that will add to your increasing Business Knowledge

Course Investment: $US299.99

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