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What is there to be gained from leadership development training?

Are you ready to reach your career goals? Whether you are looking for a fresh start or you’re wanting to climb the ranks at your company, you may be thinking about advancing your education.

Having established the need for more training, you’re probably asking yourself, “What kind of training will help boost my career?” And, possibly “What training will equip me with valuable skills needed to reach success?” Leadership development training may well be your ticket up.

Now, you may also be asking, “What do you gain from a leadership development training?” Perhaps you are already great with people. And maybe you have a knack for taking the reins on group projects, both in your professional and personal life. Leadership development training can help you hone those skills to launch yourself to the next level.

Are You:




Wanting to Grow your Business Quickly, but Sustainably


A person with Integrity


Wanting to be The Best in your business


Desiring a Big Vision


Developing a Mover and Shaker Mentality


A People Promoter

Benefits to working with us are:


You will Make EVEN More Money


You will Grow Your Business Substantially with our proven systems and processes


You will be working with two Kiwi’s who have Trained & Mentored Business Owners to Success Since 1999


You will Get Back Your Personal Time to do the Things You Really Want to do


You can have Confidence in our Ability to Help You, as we have Practical as well as Theoretical Business Knowledge, having run and operated multiple businesses already

Leadership Development Training – The Key To Your Career Success

Our Vision

To be the PREMIER Training and Mentoring Business in the UK & NZ, by helping Business Owners to grow and develop themselves & their Businesses, to create more FREEDOM & WEALTH.

A Recent Testimonial

Dear Pete and Janelle

I was driving into the work this evening, digesting everything that I’ve learned from both of you and I realised that your coaching has turned me from someone who believed they were pretty doomed as a business owner, into someone who is excited and energised in my business future.

I always knew I was good at what I do, but was floundering in how to make my talent work as a structured, profitable business.
Your coaching filled that hole and your engaging, interactive methods of teaching showed me how ownership, accountability and responsibility underpins everything.

You have astounded me, empowered me and galvanised me into action and I cannot thank you enough.

Your coaching is truly exceptional.
With gratitude.

Pete and Janelle O’Keeffe are poised to share their years of knowledge gained through working for large corporate firms with you.