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Elite Staff Engagement School

Reserved exclusively for Creating and Building a High Performing Team.

Creating an Engaged and Happy Workplace and Workforce is key to every Business being Successful. The key to a High Performing Team (HPT) is Engagement.

Ensuring your Team are engaged is one of the most important keys any Business Owner needs to understand. A worldwide study by Gallup found that on average 87% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged or highly disengaged. It is costing Business Owners 34% of the salary they pay out to employees. Imagine for every £10,000 you pay out, £3,400 is wasted and unproductive.

What this means is if your business were a ship with 10 crew, then 2 of your employees are highly disengaged and subverting what you’re doing, 6 or 7 are doing just what is required, and will leave if they get a better job with more pay, and only 1 or 2 are doing more than is expected.

Former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, made a powerful observation when addressing the 2009 Global Leaders Lecture series;

“Everyone in a team knows who is and who is not performing, and they are looking to you as the leader to see what you are going to do about it.”

Pete & Janelle’s signature Employee Engagement programme where your Team will Grow during a 10 week Interactive Employee Engagement programme.

Course Description/Outcomes:

Week 1: 6 Levels to Leadership, DiSC profile – your preferred Communication style

Week 2: Accountability and Buy In, Mindset and the top 2”

Week 3: Behavioural Benchmarking, Time: Time Management v Self-Management

Week 4: Story-telling, Unlocking your Potential, so you see and Understand your capability

Week 5: Reward & Recognition of Staff, High Performing Teams

Week 6: Growth of Behaviours, How to Grow a High Performing Team

Week 7: Presenting Best Practice, Road map to the Future, How to impress and be of value to your boss

Week 8: Client Engagement Strategy, The Irresistible Problem solver

Week 9: Unearthing Creative Thinking and Innovation, Machine – Systemising how you manage Staff and Business

Week 10: Heart/Brain Act, Getting the best from yourself and your staff

A key part of every week is ACCOUNTABILITY completing assignments and reporting back.


10 x weekly 2 x hour sessions:

Course Investment: Price on Application

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