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PPBA School – 3 Day Bootcamp

The Peak Performance Business Accelerator School™

Pete & Janelle’s signature Program – 3 Days of World Class Business Mentoring. A 3 day “Bootcamp” for any Business Owner/Manager or Start Up looking to grow and scale without the pain of doing it alone or studying a 3 year long Business/Marketing Degree.

As this is a “Bootcamp” you will be expected to do the “work” when you get there. One of Pete & Janelle’s most interactive programs where you get to work “on” your business for a change with direct mentoring from Pete & Janelle and their team of Business Mentors as well as the opportunity to make real time “sales” (Cash in Bank!) at the event like many of the students who attend.

Who is it for?

  • Business Owners
  • Self-Employed Service Based Entrepreneurs i.e. Consultants, coaches, accountants etc.
  • Business Managers
  • Senior Business Leaders
  • Start Up Companies and Businesses

Who is it not for?

  • Anyone who does not have an open mind
  • Anyone who thinks they do not need help and are not coachable
  • Anyone who has no intention of applying the knowledge gained afterwards
  • Anyone who does not finish what they start

Course Description/Outcomes:

Day 1 – Understanding the ‘Fundamental Laws’ of business, creating your Business Blueprint, The importance of empowering your top 2″ , how to Promote Yourself, so people will Buy from You, and defining Who your Ideal Client is!

Day 2 – How to implement a Money Making Formula into your Business, Systemising Your Business so it Works, while You don’t, generate quality leads into your business, How to close the Sale and Handle Any Objections that Arise!

Day 3 – Advanced Recruiting Processes, so you Hire the Right person and Grow Your Team, How to Become an Authority – not just an Expert, Putting Out the Best Message that Excites Prospects to buy from you, Becoming the Leader in Your Business, How to Work Less and Get Paid More!

Course Investment: £1997 + VAT

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Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Dear Pete & Janelle,

I wanted to write and say thankyou for the personal mentoring and 3 day boot camp that I attended with you both.

I haven’t done anything like this before and was sceptical but after listening to the webinar, so many aspects of it resonated with how I was feeling about my business. Stuck, at a crossroads and simply confused…so I signed up!

The mentoring was very inspiring – we didn’t get stuck into detail but talked through where I wanted to be in the future and how I could achieve it. It was easy to discuss things and there were some really deeply entrenched limiting beliefs that I just wasn’t aware of – you were both kind, understanding and nonjudgemental. You gave me some tools to start working with and made me realise things could change if I applied myself and took control. After my one to one sessions, I actually felt really well equipped to get on with setting my goals in motion so I was intrigued about the boot camp. Hadn’t I got all the tools I needed?

The boot camp was the best! It was a pretty full on 3 days.,.l was exhausted by the final day but you both made it fun, compelling and very very interesting. I still look at my notes and think of all the things I want to do, progress with, change….l could go on! I did feel on occasion that you both seem to be able to read my mind which was spooky but I guess that is what experience does. The whole 3 days were illuminating and positive, fast paced and testing and left me in no doubt that you had walked the walk in life so knew what you were talking about. Theory is fine but when you know someone has stood in your shoes, you listen properly to them.

I am so grateful to you both for the path that you have shown me…one where anything is possible if you have the right mindset.

Thankyou both very much

Jane Ward, Parkers Design & Print