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4 Secrets to securing the right Person for your Business.
An article in the Sunday Times recently outlined how a pub landlord in London had 484 applicants for one position which was paying £9 an hour! To say he was overwhelmed would be an understatement.
If you’re Unemployed at present, I feel for you with so many in the job market.
If you’re an Employer – wow, you can afford to be really choosy for your next hire.
But how do you know if you have the right candidate from all those who apply?
How do you know if by chance you missed a great CV because there are so many to look at?
Here are 4 secrets to getting the right employee(s) right now for your business
1. You need a filtering process.
Have a professional filter the CV’s for you and bring you the top 10, or top 15 if you wish. Ensure that they have a script of questions you’d like answered, and everyone gets asked the same questions with comments attached.
If you are good at filtering, then do it yourself. But I do need to ask – is your time better spent, working ON your business and letting someone else do the filtering for you?
This is your first filter.
2. Set up a Group Interview.
Bring those top candidates to a group interview. Split this Interview into 2 parts.
      Part 1. Outline your company Vision and Values and why you and your Business is such a cool place to work. Outline why employees love working in your business, and with you.
This is your second filter – some candidates may leave now, realising the position isn’t for them. Great you have dodged a bullet.
     Part 2. After a short break, have each candidate stand up and in front of their peers outline why they are the best person for this job you are advertising, and what they will bring to the position. (Ensure you have let every candidate know they will have to do this at the invitation stage to the group interview).
This part is so important, especially if you have a sales role, not so important if it is a financial role – although I must say I like using it to see how people and team orientated they are!
A secret!! – ensure you have 1 or 2 observers in the room, helping you by taking notes on each candidate from a set criterion you have decided on prior to the interview.
This is your 3rd filter.
3. You now have some superb candidates left, so interview them personally to see if they are the right fit for your business.
Have them do a work experience in your business to ensure they have the acumen to fulfil the position.
This is your 4th filter
4. Make an Offer, BUT….
For the candidate(s) that you want to employ into the position, offer them the position, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, – do your referee checks. This is one of the most important filters. You don’t do referee checks at your peril.
Now that you have employed your candidate(s) ensure you have a great 90-day induction process. That’s a discussion for next time
Oh, and back to our London pub owner, – the calibre of applicant was so high he hired not 1, but 6!!!!