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8 rules to live by
(1) If you’ve a problem with me, come and see me privately. I’ll do the same for you.
(2) If someone else has a problem with me, and comes to you, send them to me. I’ll do the same.
(3) If someone won’t come to me, say, ‘Let’s go see him together.’ I’ll do the same.
(4) Be careful how you interpret me – It’s too easy to misinterpret intentions. I’ll also be careful how I interpret you.
(5) If it’s confidential, don’t tell. If you or anyone else comes to me in confidence, I won’t tell, unless they’re going to harm themselves, harm someone else, or a child has been
physically or sexually abused. I expect the same from you.
(6) I don’t read unsigned letters.
(7) I don’t manipulate. I won’t be manipulated. Don’t let others manipulate you. And don’t let others try to manipulate me through you.
(8) When in doubt, just say so. If I can answer without misrepresenting something or breaking a confidence, I will.