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Do you know how two goats respond when they meet on a narrow path above a river?
They can’t turn back, and they can’t pass each other because they lack the smallest bit of spare room.
The goats instinctively know that if they butt each other they’ll both fall into the river and drown.
So how do they handle it?
Nature has taught one goat to lie down so the other can pass over it; and as a result both animals survive and arrive at their destination safe and sound.
Instead of seeing itself as a doormat to be walked on, the goat sees itself as a bridge to be crossed over.
So it becomes a win/win.
In Business we need to be like goats. How can we be the bridge that helps others to get what thy need and desire, while at the same time, we also benefit from the situation.
What can you need to do today that will help others move along the narrow path to business success