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Mark Twain said, ‘Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.’ A great book once said, ‘Carry each other’s burdens’ Why? Because one person can only carry a burden so far on their own.

So, ‘Find people who believe in you.’ Encourage and support them, and welcome their support in return. Spend more time with those who sharpen you and make you better, and less time with those who drain your energy, time and talent. Help them carry their burden, so it lightens their load. You gain more from giving than receiving.

The truth is, friends who speak encouragement into your life are priceless. Their words are ‘Like apples of gold in settings of silver…’

When you’re going through times when people are causing your grief, your goal should be to keep a good attitude.’

Here is some practical advice on finding people who believe in you and keeping that good attitude:

(1) Always believe the best about others, but don’t get bent out of shape when they disappoint you. Nobody is perfect, including you. Just be grateful for the people that bring joy and endeavour, and to be counted among them.

(2) When you are tempted to retaliate, judge or become impatient, say to yourself, ‘This is an opportunity for me to model a great attitude.’ You say, ‘But this person is driving me crazy.’ Then refuse to be a ‘passenger’ and go along with them. Take back the wheel, get into the driver’s seat of your life, and determine which direction you’ll go and what attitude you’ll have.