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‘Concentration is the secret of strength’

Do you remember the old TV series The Beverly Hillbillies? What made the show so interesting is that Jed and his family had been set free from their past – a life of poverty back in the Ozarks. But even after they moved to California’s Beverly Hills, they continued in their ‘hillbilly’ ways.

Their location had changed, but their mindset hadn’t. The same was true of the Israelites. They had a slave mentality. Even though they were free and God was providing their every need, the minute a problem came up they wanted to go back to Egypt.

Many of our endeavours in life fail for one reason – broken focus. We allow ourselves to get distracted. Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
‘Concentration is the secret of strength
in politics,
in war,
in trade;
in short,
in all management of human affairs.’

Where should you focus your concentration? On your mission!

And when you make a mistake don’t chase after it.
Don’t try to defend it