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Most of us tend to avoid confrontation because we fear being disliked and rejected. But when you avoid confrontation it often makes things worse
Provided you do it respectfully and with their best interest at heart, a confrontation can often lead to a cleansing of issues and a stronger relationship with that person
Here are ten guidelines to help you confront someone in a positive way:
1. Do it ASAP.
2. Address the wrong action, not the person.
3.Address only what the person can change.
4.Give them the benefit of the doubt.
5.Be specific.
6.Avoid sarcasm.
7.Avoid saying ‘you always’ and ‘you never’ because they are not true.
8.When it’s appropriate, tell them how you feel about what was done wrong.
9.Give them a plan to fix the problem.
10.Affirm him or her as a person and as a friend.