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Organisations want people with the best ideas to be in leadership; consequently, promotions generally go to the self-starters – people who exhibit initiative and growth. So start generating some new ideas and see how quickly you get noticed!
Growth-oriented people are busy swinging the bat and hitting the ball out of the park. These are people growing, learning and expanding their experience – people who never lose interest in their work – or in life.
When you’re the ‘go-to’ person, everyone seeks you out. They want your advice and expertise on a myriad of issues and concerns. But once you stop growing, the focus shifts to someone else. Personal growth keeps you focused on people, and keeps them focused on you.
So what can you do to stay fresh?
Bees spend their lives moving from flower to flower, carrying pollen from one to another. And what’s the result?
Bees continually spread pollen around the garden, more flowers grow and it becomes a more beautiful environment. In life, cross-pollinating means identifying valuable information from multiple sources and spreading it in various ways to different people.
So start looking for answers in unexpected places.
In your business start cross pollinating, and giving out. You’ll be amazed at what you gain.