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The importance of follow up….
We went to a local establishment to see if they would be interested in allowing us to have our monthly event at their premises. 20+ people all having a drink and something to eat, plus hireage of premises, before business discussions, . A nice little earner for them and the opportunity for it to get bigger.
We let them know we wanted to start at the beginning of August.
They were excited at the proposal and asked us to put something in writing to them – which we did.
That was over 2 weeks ago, and we hadn’t heard anything in reply to our proposal – so we went back and visited the owner.
“Oh”, she said, “my events manager is on holiday at present. I’m waiting for her to get back.”
I must admit I was somewhat surprised at this response. It’s hard getting business at the best of times, so when business is offered to you, would you not be all over it?
FOLLOW-UP is so important. A reply to say the event manager was away, would have let us know our proposal had been received, and was being considered.
So far the customer experience is not great. Should we look to another establishment who may offer service and follow-up?
Look after customers and they will look after you.
They are your business