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In each of us there is a lesser self and greater self, struggling for supremacy.
A soldier was court- martial by Alexander the Great. Believing the verdict unjust, he appealed. Alexander said, “There no-one is higher than me to appeal to!” “In that case,” said soldier, “I appeal my case from Alexander the Small, to Alexander the Great!”
Our Lesser self says, not enough people believe in me, I’ll never make it
Our Greater self says, I can make it, my faith in myself is enough.
Our Lesser self says, I don’t know how I will get through this crisis
Our Greater self says, This too will pass, I will make it.
Our Lesser self says, it takes too long to realize my dream Our Greater self says, dreams are realized one day at a time.
Our Lesser self says, enough is enough, I’ve taken too many hits
Our Greater self says, I’ve come too far to give up now.
Our Lesser self says, I don’t have the strength to hold on to my dream
Our Greater self says, hold on a little longer, the darkest hour is just before dawn