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I was speaking to a good friend of mine in Faversham this morning, who was bemoaning the fact that people seem to have stopped buying. So I was thinking about this and wanted to share this little secret with you.
I really want to put something out there, that will make some Business Owners baulk. Money still has to flow……… in this current climate, and if we don’t let it, we are going to create a blockage in the economy.
May I ask: Could it be that……..
• Potentially you have stopped buying.
• Maybe you’ve stopped purchasing stuff.
• Possibly you’ve cut back on expenditure.
• Perhaps you’ve put on hold all the loans you have taken out.
• Potentially you’ve cut back on a lot of stuff.
• Maybe you’ve stopped paying people as well.
Well here’s what’s bad about that. Whilst I understand you’ve got to be a bit more frugal with spending money and be a bit more mindful right now, – if you change your buying behaviour right now, you are going to change you’re selling behaviour as well.
What that means is, YOU SELL, HOW YOU BUY.
Let me explain.
If you’ve stopping payment to people you owe money to, or
if you are stopping buying stuff because you are scared and want to preserve your money right now,
then you have no right to ask somebody else to pay you!
Let me say that again. If you have stopped paying for stuff right now, or you’ve stopped investing, or stopped buying right now,
then you have no right to ask somebody else to buy from you!
Just let that sink in for a moment………..
I’m a huge believer in, you get what you put out, and if you’re putting out negative energy, then you’re going to start attracting people who don’t want to buy from you, and that is probably the #1 reason why people maybe aren’t buying from you at the moment.
Money is energy. It must flow.
Steve Gurney a NZ ultra athlete in his book, Lucky Legs, says ENERGY FLOWS, WHERE ATTENTION GOES
Money must flow. If it’s not flowing, then you’re going to create a blockage. This means you should be doing the opposite, and should be behaving, as you would like others to behave toward you.
Now I’m not saying go crazy here and keep spending the same kind of money you used to spend. Clearly that’s not going to be possible.
We’re in a situation where we’re not spending as much as before, not because we don’t want to, but because we are unable to.
Janelle and I are still spending, but we’ve changed our buying psychology – we still purchase appropriate things. We bought a Rode NT-USB sound mic last week because it helps the sound quality for our webinars and zoom sessions. It gives us far better sound quality, because we have had to repivot our business in the current circumstances.
So please understand, when someone says nobody has any money, it’s not true. If you take negative energy on, you are going to sell from that lack of energy as well.
If you want people to buy from you, continue to let your money flow, and create opportunities to allow it to flow. When money flows we will all ride this business cycle through to a better and stronger business.