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I was in a bakery waiting my turn to be served along with several other customers.
All of a sudden, the customer being served burst into a rant at the lovely young counter server. He was about 26 years old and vented his spleen at her for taking too long, getting the wrong cakes he had asked for, and mucking up his order.
The poor girl behind the counter trying serving him was taken aback at such a vitriolic blast.
What happened next moved me.
Two ‘mature’ gentleman and one younger lady took this young man to task and asked what right he had to speak to someone in such a manner. Clearly not being used to being confronted for his actions – he was taken aback and looked a little dumbfounded.
“That’s right”, said one of the older men. “It’s not very nice, when you’re confronted, is it? I think you should leave, before something happens to you.” The young man looked astonished.
The young lady went around the counter and comforted the young server.
The young man scuttled out the door without his order, and leaving his money on the counter. No-one bothered to chase him to give it back to him.
The whole store clapped and cheered at the actions of these 3 people for confronting rude and obnoxious behaviour.
Lunch tasted good!