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On-line returns
Thursday is apparently the biggest day of on-line returns of items people don’t want. Below are 2 articles from astute business leaders.
I wonder what would happen if we got back to retail staff returning to what they do best – giving great customer service.
Imagine a customer being able to chat about what they want and the retailer providing exactly what they want.
Imagine the high street buzzing again with footfall, because customers are having a great experience.
Beats online any day!!!
Kevin Warren
Today is National Returns Day, when consumers send back the ill-fitting sweaters and other holiday gifts that didn’t work out. Today alone, consumers will put 1.9 million returns into the UPS network, or 26% more than last year.
This marks the seventh consecutive year of record returns — further proving that e-commerce is changing the way consumers buy during the holidays.
Jim Huckle
Following ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ we now have ‘Take back Thursday’! With up to 50% of online purchases being returned, the physical cost to the retailer must be enormous to say nothing of the environmental impact of transporting the unwanted items back to their source and the subsequent reprocessing. Unsurprising then that a number of returns are simply scrapped!