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Dealing with OVERWHELM
I had been coaching “Jim” for just over a year when he dropped he bombshell on me, and said that he wanted to stop coaching.
I was flabbergast. In the past year his profit had increased by 37% from previous year. Instead of working 60 – 70 hours he was down to 50 hours or less and he was having time with his family which hadn’t happened in the last 6 years.
When I asked the reason for this sudden reversal, he mumbled that it ‘wasn’t working for him anymore.’
I dug a little deeper and found the real reason was he was feeling overwhelmed with what he still had to achieve, and the amount of work I was giving him.
Jim had been going so well, I had overloaded him with actions to achieve in his business. I had been giving him too much to do and he was feeling the pressure.
The fault was entirely mine, and I had let Jim down by not reading the ‘signs’ correctly.
I’d like to tell you this story had a happy ending and that Jim continued on coaching with me – but it doesn’t, and he didn’t.
1. Often, less is more.
2. Temperature check in with the person you are dealing with
3. Review often and then set the next target.
4. Don’t be afraid to ask how someone is going.