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A woman went on a retreat. Halfway through the final morning session she jumped to her feet and left the room. Concerned, a friend followed her to see what had made her leave so abruptly. She found the woman hanging up a telephone in the lobby.
‘Is everything all right?’ she asked urgently. ‘Oh, yes,’ the woman responded sheepishly. ‘I didn’t mean to alarm you, but I suddenly remembered that it’s Monday morning bin day.’
Her friend replied, ‘Bin day? Isn’t your husband at home?’ ‘Yes,’ replied the woman, ‘but it takes two of us to put out the bin. I can’t carry it, and he can’t remember it!’
The secret of a good marriage lies in learning how to live and work together.
Seven suggestions to help you accomplish that goal:
1) Find something good to say about each other every day.
2) Think of yourselves as a team – not just a couple.
3) Eat at least one meal together each day.
4) Develop a strong sense of humour.
5) Reminisce together.
6) Respect your differences.
7) Don’t forget to snuggle
When two people with different gifts decide to love one another and listen to one another, their differences can become a source of strength rather than a source of weakness.
Marriage: it takes two!
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