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Time Management isn’t the issue – Self management is
A client has ben having immense trouble getting all he needs done in a day. His ‘to do’ list increases daily as he tried to complete all the tasks that running a business throws at him.
He was feeling really frustrated. He said he couldn’t get his time under control. “Everyone” wanted a piece of him on a daily basis. He was totally out of control.
I asked him if his issues were time management or self management. He looked at me with a bewildered look. I asked him, who was in control, and he laughed saying it certainly wasn’t him.
So I helped him put two practical solutions into play.
1. We set him up with a default diary
2. We gave him a frog sheet
The default diary allowed him to prioritise his time each day on the important things that had to be done.
The frog sheet was to helped each day to write out the events and tasks he needed to prioritise and complete the next day. This alone lead to a 33% improvement in his self management. Each day when he came in he knew exactly what he needed to do that day and then worked his default diary.
All of a sudden his ‘to do’ list was decreasing as he took control of his life and his business. He was back in control.
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