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I used to referee rugby.
During one game a woman came up to me at half time and said, “I want to buy that,’ pointing to my whistle. I looked at the whistle and then the woman and said to her, “But you can buy this at your local store!”
She said, “You’re right, I can, but your whistle is special. Every time you blew it, my son stopped and listened to you!!!”
I then realised that with this small item, I can stop 30 grown men in full flight and get them to listen to me.
It’s the same in business – sometimes we need to stop and listen to what is happening as opposed to going full flight. It’s listening to the whistle in our head. Listening give us the time to think of alternative plans. It allows us to consider and analyse if we’re heading in the right direction.
Taking time to think is one of the most productive things we can do in business. It leads to great thoughts and better decisions.
So next time you’re watching a sporting event and you hear the referee blow their whistle and everyone stops – remember to do the same in your business. Stop listen and think.
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