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What Should Your Priorities Be?

OK.  We’re all a mixed bag of emotions, motivations, strengths, and challenges.

What is the ideal leader like?

Your primary job at work is to make the business succeed.  Make that your first priority.  Don’t let anything else come before it…and don’t pretend to.

Lets admit it…your primary motivation in working is self-interest.  You took the job to make more money, to advance your own career, and to enjoy it.  Admit (to yourself and to others, if possible) that that’s true.

But don’t dwell on it…because you must recognise that the only way you can succeed in a social environment…and business is social, if nothing else…is to get the cooperation and support of those who work with you (your team).

You can achieve your own personal goals and get others to help you, only if you align your own goals with theirs…make your success, their success, and vice versa.  And that means you should spend most of your time and most of your emotional energy helping your colleagues and key employees achieve their goals, doesn’t it?