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Show your appreciation. Never take others for granted and never forget to say thank you.
An attitude of ‘I don’t expect appreciation so I don’t give it’ will hurt you and close doors to your future.
Pull your weight. Don’t be self-serving and opportunistic.
Look for ways to make your presence an asset, not a liability. Life owes you nothing except an opportunity to grow.
Understand the boundaries. Other people may know someone well enough to address them by their first name, but that doesn’t mean you should – especially not a potential mentor. If someone says, ‘Hello, my name is Charles,’ don’t come back with, ‘What’s up, Charlie!’ Show respect, and don’t try to change the protocol to suit the environment you’re used to.
Observe boundaries, respect others and listen, and you’ll always have people willing to help you get where you need to go.
If there’s one thing in this world your ego will neither seek nor strive for, it’s humility. Yet true and lasting success depends on it.