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What is the reason some eating out places put on a service charge to the bill?
I always thought a service charge was actually the tip for great service by the wait staff, and the guest decided what the amount was, not the establishment arbitrarily adding it to the bill.
Has it got to the stage where people are so disillusioned with lack of service that tipping has stopped?
Is this maybe the reason for a service charge now, because the art of great customer service has been lost?
A question to be asked by every Eating Out Establishment of itself, How good is the service of my customer service?
I’ve been out 3 times recently to eat out. Twice a ‘service charge’ or ‘gratuity’ has been added to the bill, without me asking. When I asked about it, the staff became somewhat embarrassed.
When I went to Kathton House in Sturry, Canterbury, there was no service charge, and the service was excellent. So much so, I was happy to leave a decent tip to acknowledge the wonderful service and lovely food we had received.
Should it not be the right of every customer to determine what is a fair and equitable tip for service received or possibly not received, as opposed to seeing a ‘service charge’ being added to the bill.
What is the incentive for staff to give good service if a gratuity or service charge is added, regardless of service?
Should it not be the choice of the guest – when they receive great service to determine the level of the tip given on what they believe is fair for the service offered.
After all isn’t it based on a fair value exchange. You give me great service and I will acknowledge that by tipping you accordingly.
A guest when they see a service charge or gratuity must decide whether to pay it or take it off and pay what they believe is fair.
May I ask, have you ever eaten out, received less than satisfactory service, yet seen a service charge on your bill, paid it, and walked out feeling really annoyed at having paid for something you didn’t receive?
I’ve noticed that establishments that give great service don’t seem to put on a service charge, yet receive bit tips in acknowledgement of a great guest experience.
They believe in, and train their staff accordingly.
I read recently; people initially come for great food, but they return a 2nd time for the service.
If this was adopted by Eating Establishments I wonder how much repeat business they would receive?