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How Honest are you with yourself in your Business?

The way we are doing business, and business success is completely different now than say two years ago. With such rapid changes, we need to be nimble enough to adjust, how and what we do.

Change is difficult.

However two questions you should be asking yourself,
· Am I willing to change what is not working in my Business?
· Do I believe change is good just to make things better?

If you can answer these questions honestly then you have the ability to be nimble and make the necessary changes.

Having the answer is the first part, putting Actions into place to make the changes is the second and most difficult aspect though!

Quite often Business owners try and do everything all at once. This is a recipe for disaster. Take small steps. Small steps toward your goal. It won’t be overwhelming taking small steps.

I think then you will find that these qualities become evident in your Business.
· I am an independent kind of person.
· Self-confidence helps me be the best .
· I like gamesmanship and competition .
· I have a winning attitude.

When you understand you have these qualities then it is not so overwhelming.

However, let’s be honest. Even when you have the right qualities it’s difficult running a Business, especially if you are on your own, or the team aren’t functioning in the way they should be to help grow the business.

There is so much to do every day, and only so much time to do it in. Juggling all aspects of the Business can be overwhelming. However, when you have the two “E’s” in your Business….
· Entrepreneurial attitude and way of thinking made me great
· Efficiency will allow me to win

Then the opportunity to expand and grow the Business in the right way and in the right direction are the seeds that move you forward to be a great business operator. Learning never stops.

What are your thoughts?
Is change good?
Are we nimble enough to keep up with the changes?
Are you willing to make the changes, yet it’s difficult to change because the change is so rapid?


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