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As a Business owner or M.D. you’ve achieved some success in your business. It’s been challenging, and moving from initial growth to the plateau stage and then moving toward further growth has been scary.  To grow further means risk.  There is a thrill and satisfaction in challenging yourself, stretching and seeing how much you can achieve. But how do you mitigate that risk?

 Knowledge, skill, talent and drive that have got you to where you are now, may not get you any further.  There is possibly a missing link somewhere! 

The link that progresses you to that next stage of business growth, because you’ve invested, time, energy and money into your business. 

You’ve invested time into networking and building new relationships.   

What is the missing link that will help you push past the plateau and continue growing at a consistent rate. 

 The 7M Business Growth Newsletter will help you understand what the missing link may possibly be in your Business and how you can adapt to a new rhythm of Business Performance.  It draws on the 7 areas that ensure a High Performing Business is run by a High Performing Process and a High Performance Team. 


We’re looking at being positive and saying Yes if…..

I received some great advice from a good friend of mine Pam, as we go through these Epic times.

She said to me in a crisis, think “yes if”, not “no because” (Walt Disney did!)

Walt Disney’s colleagues said he had a “yes if” approach to life.

Can we build Disneyland? Ladder of Loyalty

– Yes if we get someone else to pay for it

– Yes if we hire the world’s best experts to build it

– Yes if we get transport links

– Yes if…

But it’s easy for any of us – especially at times like this – to think “no because”.

  • no because the virus has changed everything,
  • we can’t afford it,
  • it won’t work,
  • it’s too stressful…

I was reminded of this yesterday. I asked someone if they were able to be productive and positive during these hard times. I then had a few minutes of lots of “no becauses”.

So I told him about “yes if” and asked him to answer my question again, starting with these words.

Yes if I adapt,

Yes if I speak to my family and friends more,

Yes if ask my colleagues and customers to tell me new ways I can help them,

Yes if I make sure I do something fun each day…

Five minutes later, he had new ways to approach things. He had solutions.

A plan.

Great for positivity, productivity and… well, for life.

So my question to you: can you be more positive and productive?

So, answer any question starting with the words “yes if”!

Get “yes ifs”, and things will look better…Yes if…


An action step you can take today…

Invest you time by talking with me about 3 key ideas to implement into your business immediately. You’ll come away knowing how ‘The Profit Chain’ works. Finding the weakest link in business so it can be rectified. You’ll learn how to free up 33% of your time, so you can do the things you want and not be tied to the business. And there will be more great content that will help you have a great business.

Yes if….I invest me time, I will make even more money

Yes if….I invest me time I will free up my time

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I’m Pete O’Keeffe.

I’ve been mentoring Business owners Leaders & Professionals for over 23 years.

Many have increased their profits by over 150% and reduced their hours of work so they spend more time on doing the things they enjoy, away from work.

I believe Business owners need to ensure they balance Business and Personal time.


My book, Family Matters, So Does Business, 5 ways to keep your Family & Business Flying was an Amazon #1 bestseller in 2020.

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