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Shackleton was one of the world’s greatest explorers. What made him even more remarkable was his ability to get the best out of the men he commanded. Even when their ship – “The Endurance” sank in the Weddell Sea, his men still believed that He would help them survive.

Shackleton then undertook one of the most perilous journeys ever undertaken across the Southern ocean in a small open lifeboat. Arriving on South Georgia after an arduous 800 miles, he then resupplied, found a larger vessel, turned around immediately, and sailed back to rescue his men still trapped on the ice. Not one of his crew was lost – after nearly 2 years trapped in the Antarctic! He is, and was a true leader of men.


(An Extract taken from the book, Shackleton’s Way, by Morrell and Capparell)

  • ‘There are lots of good things in the world, but I’m not sure that comradeship is not the best of them all-to know that you can do something big for another chap.”
  • “Optimism is true moral courage.”
  • “Leadership is a fine thing, but it has its penalties.   And the greatest penalty is loneliness.”
  • “A man must shape himself to a new mark directly the old one goes to ground.”
  • ‘The loyalty of your men is a sacred trust you carry. It is something which must never be betrayed, something you must live up to!”
  • “I have often marvelled at the thin line which separates success from failure.”
  • “You often have to hide from them not only the truth, but your feelings about the truth. You may know that the facts are dead against you, but you mustn’t say so.”
  • “If you’re a leader, a fellow that other fellows look up to, you’ve got to keep going.”



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