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I didn’t realise when I posted my article yesterday on the abysmal customer experience I received from the automotive industry just how prevalent this poor customer experience.

I have been literally DELUGED with personal messages from you about your own personal experiences.  And I thought it was only me! 

I love this one from a reader, who shall remain nameless….  Great article Pete.   When I went to buy my new car, the salesman said to me, “Gee, you’re being a bit of a cheapskate buying this vehicle aren’t you.”   This was before he even found out what I was really looking for.  I walked out and went down the road and bought another vehicle that was £27,000 more expensive than what I had originally looked at.  The first guy didn’t even want to understand what I really wanted in my vehicle!

It appears the automotive industry is losing millions of pounds per year through abysmal customer experience.

And let me be clear again what the difference is between Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Customer Service is reactionary.  It is what you need to spend money on because your customers have a problem or they are unhappy.  And it’s the customers who aren’t happy who will utilise most of that resource through complaints etc.

Customer experience is proactive.  It’s about understanding what their journey and experience of interacting with you is like.  The closer you get to creating an optimal customer experience, the less you’ll need to spend on traditional customer service.

As Business Owners there’s a real salutary lesson for us all here, because I don’t think it is only in the auto industry that is delivering a poor sales experience.

We must train and train ourselves, and our staff to really ‘sell’ properly.  What I mean by this is to really understanding what the customer wants and needs.

And there’s something even more fundamentally important before that.  It’s building rapport with the client and treating them as a human, not a number walking through the door.    When you do, you’ll see your sales conversion rate increase rapidly even if you don’t know everything about your product or service.

Remember the old adage, I don’t care how much you know, until I know how much you care!

Forgive me here, but I’m going to do a bit of selling myself!!!!

Janelle and I have seen a decline in salespersonship for a number of years now.  Staff are not being trained properly.  Possibly Business Owners don’t know, (or have a process of) how to sell.

We have a proven and unique sales system that we teach.   You, or your staff will learn the 7 points to closing the sale – every time.

  • You’ll see your conversion rate increase.
  • You’ll see your bank balance increase.
  • You’ll see customers coming back to you time and time again.

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