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How to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

As a busy C.E.O. or Business owner or M.D. it’s challenging to keep your staff highly trained and inspired and How to Ensure Your Business Succeeds.

Running a business when your team isn’t performing is a bit like flying an aero plane in clouds – you can’t see where you’re going or where the destination is!

 And maybe you want to get out of the clouds and know what direction you’re heading in?

 Could it be your team are like an aerobatic aero plane – they’re upside down, and you don’t know how to get them right side up, due to the inconsistency of their team performance?

 Potentially you want to be in control of your team and your business – sitting in the pilot’s seat!

 Knowledge, skill, talent and drive that have got you to where you are now, may not get you any further.  There is possibly a missing link somewhere! 

The link that progresses you to that next stage of business growth, because you’ve invested, time, energy and money into your business. 

What is the missing link that will help you push past the plateau and continue growing at a consistent rate. 

 The 7M Business Growth Newsletter will help you understand what the missing link may possibly be in your Business and how you can adapt to a new rhythm of Business Performance.  It draws on the 7 areas that ensure a High Performing Business is run by a High Performing Process and a High Performance Team. 


How to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Deep economic changes have occurred, as a result of the Covid-19 virus outbreak and businesses will never be the same, as a result.  Sales have rapidly diminished, and revenue and profit have also been deeply affected.   Having a profit in business remain a dream for many now – especially in the hospitality industry.

While some customers are opening their wallets, it appears that the purchasing habits oof millions have changed considerably during the pandemic.

Business Owners must do something differently right now, in order to survive.

So, here are some strategies to move through the ‘New Rhythm’ that we are now all experiencing.

Written Goals:

Without goals, without a plan, you only have a dream. It doesn’t have to be ‘War and Peace’, but it must come out of your head and be written down on paper.

It needs to outline your strategy, your finances, sales and marketing, and a cashflow forecast.

Have one really big goal/plan for the next 9 months only. Covid has thrown to the wall any 3 or 5-year plans.

And why 9 months?

Quite simply we all need speed at present. Speed to get our Businesses moving again.

With your goals, have…

  • One Personal goal,
  • One goal for your Professional Business,
  • 2 Financial goals – 1 a personal goal, and one a business financial goal.

Writing them down is the crucial first step.


Don’t decide to Marry your Plan!

Every great General in history knows that even the best laid plans or goals are thrown away when the bullets start flying.   No plan survives the first contact with the enemy.

Therefore – Adjust, confront and conquer.


It’s not about you – Keep you ego in check.

Mentors are crucial when setting and achieving goals because you need an outside perspective who is not emotionally attached to your Business, to be able to bounce your ideas off.

Your mentor is there to guide, mentor and teach you.

  • To hold you accountable for your actions, and push you further than you thought possible.
  • You will get to your goal twice as fast with a mentor, as opposed to trying to do it on your own.
  • If your mentor doesn’t hold you accountable for your actions – please find one who does.

I know in our Business School, we tell our students, ‘if you don’t do the work, you don’t get a detention, you JUST LOSE MONEY!!’

Always honour your word.   In every situation. And follow through on the commitments you make. Don’t shirk your responsibilities, even when its difficult and challenging.   Unless you’re honest in small matters you won’t be with greater responsibilities.  So when you make a commitment, follow through – even if it costs you, and even when you get a better offer.   A person who takes responsibility for their actions has a willingness to do whatever it takes.

 A thought…

There are too many people ready to assert their rights, who are not ready to assume their responsibilities!

It’s not about you, it’s about the Business, so keep your ego in check.

Track Everything

Systemise everything. Pull it from your head, onto paper, or video, or photos, or Lucid charts – whatever works for you and your Business.

When you have a systemised Business, employees know exactly:

  • what to do,
  • what they are responsible for achieving.

It’s a great way to ensure any lack of performance is behavioural based and not personality based, when it comes to having that discussion.

Inspect what you expect. Hold people accountable for their actions and their work.


Know your numbers.

Keep track of your money.  Know your numbers. Have a rolling cash flow forecast. Determine how much cash you need to do Business, and don’t start without the required cash on hand, or from a small loan.

Do these things and your Business will thrive.


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