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I was reading a news week magazine recently and read the following article about a bakery who saw an opportunity emerge from the Pandemic.  Opportunities are around us whatever the time…   As are Leadership opportunities.

The owner of Rönttösrouva bakery in Helsinki, Finland found all his orders cancelled in March 2020 because of the pandemic.

He was left wondering what was going to happen to his business and the seven staff he employed.   As the business owner and Leader, he had to make a decision as to what he should do next.

(During this time you may remember there were queues of people panic-buying toilet paper!!)

This sparked the idea of a cake that looked like a toilet roll.   The bakery owner thought they could make a cake that was bigger than a roll of toilet paper yet would be delicious to eat.

They created the cake and it looked like a large roll of toilet paper!!!!! Bakery Toilet rolls

They put out five of these toilet paper cakes on the counter.   They sold within the first hour!!

Then something unexpected happened.

People who bought the cakes began posting pictures of them to their Instagram and Facebook accounts and told their friends about the toilet roll cakes.    Suddenly the toilet paper cakes (and the bakery) became famous.

They now have hundreds of orders for these cakes.  The corollary is they have had to hire two new staff members to keep up with the demand!!!

The cake made people laugh and was a nice antidote to all the worry and fear around the coronavirus pandemic.

There is a great 3 minute video about the toilet roll cakes .

The owner of the bakery he saw an opportunity and capitalised on this opportunity.

As a Leader he decided to try something different, he made a decision  – and it worked.

Ask yourself – what is my decision making capability like?

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