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Most Leaders or Managers are unable to reach the next level because they simply are not ready to let go of the vine.  Before you can grow, you’ll need to take a leap of faith

Let me give you an example:

An entrepreneur slips and falls off the edge of a cliff.  On his way down he manages to grab onto one end of a vine.  He’s hanging there, a 1000 ft from the top and a 1000 ft from the bottom.  His situation seems hopeless, so he looks up to the clouds, and decides for the first time to ask for help.

“Is anybody up there?” he asks.

After a long silence, a deep voice bellows down from the clouds:  “Do you believe?”

“Yes”, replied the entrepreneur.

“Then let go of the vine,” said the voice.

The entrepreneur pauses for a second, looks up again, and finally responds, “Is there anybody else up there.!”

I am looking for Leaders or Managers that are ready to let go of the vine.

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