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Offering People more makes them want less!

We   start  a  new  job  and  immediately  we are  inundated  with  loads  of  paperwork  and  learning. Remember starting at your current job.  There is so much to learn and do that we become overwhelmed, and start to stop doing things!

A Behavioural scientist did an experiment with a Company sponsored retirement programme for 800,000 workers.

They were offered between 5 – 17 different retirement choices.

The Behavioural scientist found that the more choices offered, the less likely the employees were to enroll in the programme at all!

Next he experimented with an investment fund’s company

For every 10 additional funds a company offered, he found the participation rate dropped almost 2%.   For example

2          funds offered — Participation was 75%

59        funds offered – Participation was only 60%

The same happened with Food products company who was selling Jam.  When they offered the public the choice of

6 jams                    30% bought

but offering

24 jams                  only 3% bought

When too  many  choices  are  made  available, consumers  find the decision-  making  process  frustrating and difficult. The burden of having too many options is burdensome!

Proctor and G amble  reduced their Head  and  Shoulders brand of shampoo from 26 versions down to 15 versions  and had  a   10% increase in sales!

Reduce the choices and people will buy more from you

Offering People more makes them want less!