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SHACKLETON.  FORGING A UNITED AND LOYAL TEAM. (An Extract taken from the book, Shackleton’s Way, by Morrell and Capparell)

As a Business owner or M.D. in the tyre industry you’ve achieved some success in your business. It’s been challenging, and moving from initial growth to the plateau stage and then moving toward further growth has been scary.  To grow further means risk.  There is a thrill and satisfaction in challenging yourself, stretching and seeing how much you can achieve. But how do you mitigate that risk?

These are Shackleton’s thoughts

·     Take the time lo observe before acting, especially if you are new to the scene. All changes should be aimed at improvements. Don’t make changes just for the sake of leaving your mark.

·     Always keep the door open for your staff members, and be generous with information that affects them. Well informed employees are more eager and better prepared to participate.

·     Establish order and routine on the job so all workers know where they stand and what is expected of them. The discipline makes the staff feel like ‘they’re in capable hands.

·     Break down traditional hierarchies and cliques by training workers to do a number of jobs, from the menial to the challenging.

·     Where possible, have employees work k together on certain tasks. It builds trust and respect and even friendship,

·     Be fair and impartial in meting out compensations, workloads, and punishments. Imbalances make everyone feel uncomfortable, even the favoured.

·     Lead by example. Chip in sometimes to help with the work you’re having others do. It gives you the opportunity to set a standard and shows your respect for the job.

·     I have regular gatherings to build esprit de corps. These could be informal lunches that allow workers to speak freely outside the office. Or they could be special holiday or anniversary celebrations that let employees relate to each oilier as people rather than only as colleagues.


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