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As a busy C.E.O. or Business owner or M.D. it’s challenging to keep your staff highly trained and inspired. 

Running a business when your team isn’t performing is a bit like flying an aero plane in clouds – you can’t see where you’re going or where the destination is!

 And maybe you want to get out of the clouds and know what direction you’re heading in?

 Could it be your team are like an aerobatic aero plane – they’re upside down, and you don’t know how to get them right side up, due to the inconsistency of their team performance?

 Potentially you want to be in control of your team and your business – sitting in the pilot’s seat!

 Knowledge, skill, talent and drive that have got you to where you are now, may not get you any further.  There is possibly a missing link somewhere! 

The link that progresses you to that next stage of business growth, because you’ve invested, time, energy and money into your business. 

What is the missing link that will help you push past the plateau and continue growing at a consistent rate. 

 The 7M Business Growth Newsletter will help you understand what the missing link may possibly be in your Business and how you can adapt to a new rhythm of Business Performance.  It draws on the 7 areas that ensure a High Performing Business is run by a High Performing Process and a High Performance Team. 


This week I want to share with you SHACKLETON’S WAY OF GETTING THE GROUP THROUGH A CRISIS.  This is Newsletter number 7 in a series of Shackleton’s best methods.



Shackleton was one of the world’s greatest explorers. What made him even more remarkable was his ability to get the best out of the men he commanded. Even when their ship – “The Endurance” sank in the Weddell Sea, his men still believed that He would help them survive.

Shackleton then undertook one of the most perilous journeys ever undertaken across the Southern ocean in a small open lifeboat. Arriving on South Georgia after an arduous 800 miles, he then resupplied, found a larger vessel, turned around immediately, and sailed back to rescue his men still trapped on the ice. Not one of his crew was lost – after nearly 2 years trapped in the Antarctic! He is, and was a true leader of men.


(An Extract taken from the book, Shackleton’s Way, by Morrell and Capparell)



  • Go-for-broke risks become more acceptable as options Sometimes the potential rewards at the end of a daring venture justify the risk of suffering a spectacular failure.
  • Seek inspiration in enduring wisdom that has comforted or motivated you or others in times of crisis It will give you through the most physically and emotionally draining times and help you to keep your perspective.
  • Congratulate yourself and others for a job well A pal on the back or a sincere handshake is an expression of personal thanks and gratitude that has never gone out of fashion.
  • Motivate your staff to be .. have been a good leader, they will have the determination to succeed on their own.
  • Let your staff inspire At times, an overwhelming workload may force you to consider lowering your standards. Remember that the final product must represent the best efforts of the entire group.
  • Even in the most stressful situations, don’t forget that you are part of a larger world that might benefit from your In turn, participating in community and family activities can give you skills useful on the job.
  • Make sure the whole job is Your staff may be able to call it quits after the heavy lifting is over, but you are responsible for seeing the work through to its successful completion.


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