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As a Business owner or M.D. in the tyre industry you’ve achieved some success in your business. It’s been challenging, and moving from initial growth to the plateau stage and then moving toward further growth has been scary.  To grow further means risk.  There is a thrill and satisfaction in challenging yourself, stretching and seeing how much you can achieve. But how do you mitigate that risk?

 Knowledge, skill, talent and drive that have got you to where you are now, may not get you any further.  There is possibly a missing link somewhere! 

The link that progresses you to that next stage of business growth, because you’ve invested, time, energy and money into your business. 

You’ve invested time into networking and building new relationships.   

What is the missing link that will help you push past the plateau and continue growing at a consistent rate. 

 The 7M Business Growth Newsletter will help you understand what the missing link may possibly be in your Business and how you can adapt to a new rhythm of Business Performance.  It draws on the 7 areas that ensure a High Performing Business is run by a High Performing Process and a High Performance Team. 

 This week we’re looking at one of Shackleton’s ways of developing Leadership Skills.



Shackleton was one of the world’s greatest explorers. What made him even more remarkable was his ability to get the best out of the men he commanded. Even when their ship – “The Endurance” sank in the Weddell Sea, his men still believed that He would help them survive.

Shackleton then undertook one of the most perilous journeys ever undertaken across the Southern ocean in a small open lifeboat. Arriving on South Georgia after an arduous 800 miles, he then resupplied, found a larger vessel, turned around immediately, and sailed back to rescue his men still trapped on the ice. Not one of his crew was lost – after nearly 2 years trapped in the Antarctic! He is, and was a true leader of men.

This is SHACKLETON’S 10 WAYS OF DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS. (An Extract taken from the book, Shackleton’s Way, by Morrell and Capparell)

  1.    Cultivate a sense of compassion and responsibility for others. You have a bigger impact on the lives of those under you than you can imagine.
  2.     Once you make a career decision, commit to stick through the tough learning period.
  3.     Do your part to help create an upbeat environment at work. A positive and cheerful workplace is important to productivity.
  4.     Broaden your cultural and social horizons beyond your usual experiences. Learning to see things from different perspectives will give you greater flexibility in problem solving at work.
  5.     In a rapidly changing world, be willing to venture in new directions to seize new opportunities and learn new skills.
  6.     Find a way to turn setbacks and failures to your advantage. This would be a good time to step forward on your own.
  7.     Be bold in vision and careful in planning. Dare to try something new, but be meticulous enough in your proposal to give your ideas a good chance of succeeding.
  8.     Learn from past mistakes – yours and those made by others. Sometimes the best teachers are the bad bosses and the negative experiences.
  9.     Never insist on reaching a goal at any cost. It must be achieved at a reasonable expense, without undue hardship for your staff.
  10.     Don’t be drawn into public disputes with rivals. Rather, engage in respectful competition. You may need their co-operation someday.


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