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Sitting in his office, head in his hands, Bob wondered how he had ended up like this.

He didn’t have any time to himself, to get his work done.  There was always someone at his door asking him a question.  The day just seemed to go…

It didn’t even stop when he got home.   His wife was chastising him for being so late… again, he had missed putting his 2 kids to bed…again.  (TIME MANAGEMENT, OR SELF MANAGEMENT…?)

This was the situation when I met Bob.  He just didn’t know what to do anymore.  He had tried everything he knew how to do, and it still wasn’t working for him.

It is a situation that I meet a lot of business owners in. Their business is running them, not the other way round, and they are feeling stressed, frustrated, and really worried.

Perhaps this is how you are feeling right now and you’re not sleeping either – compounding the effect.

Bob wanted to improve his business.   However, he just didn’t know how to anymore.  No-one had taught him how to run an effective business.

He needed to understand there are just 7 Fundamental Laws of Business that all Business owners need to know.  You see, building a business isn’t just about creating a product or service and finding people to buy from you.   That is only part of the story of having an effective business.

Once Bob understood the 7 Fundamental Laws of Business and implemented them into his business, things really started to happen for Bob, and the business started to turn around.

Bob started to implement his learnings.    Sure, there were still mistakes, but not as many as there used to be in the business.  His mentors had said to him, “Follow and do what we say EXACTLY.”  Bob did, and he was starting to see the benefits of this strategy and the changes happening in his business.  He watched the changes with eyebrows raised.  “Wow”, he thought.  “This is really good stuff, these 7 Fundamental laws.”

For one, there was better customer service because his staff were now well trained.   He had learnt the art of how to effectively train them, so they did the work for him.   He said to himself, “I should have done this sooner.”

He had systems embedded that helped him run the business more smoothly.   Some of it was even automated so he didn’t even have to be present to run them!  Bob loved this bit, systemising his Business.  He had learnt that a system stands for Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.    That was certainly happening, and Bob was smiling.

His marketing message was getting out to more people in his business area and a flood of enquiries were now coming in.   What Bob liked even more was that many more were successfully being converted to sales.   His conversion rate had dramatically increased, making him even more money. “ Why?” he thought,” have I not spent more time training my staff, in the art of sales?”  He answered his own question pretty quickly – it was easy to answer.  No-one had ever shown him how!

Bob’s bank balance was increasing as well, but best of all, he was able to get home each night, at the right time, to put his kids to bed and his relationship with his wife now had that old spark back in it.  Bob was loving that.  Each night as he was driving home, he remembered what Lee Iacocca, the GM of Chrysler said, “If you can’t be home each night by 6pm to have dinner with your family, you’re not running your business properly.”


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