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You may be good at what you do.

Indeed, you may be better than most, but without the help of others you will never be as good as you could be. Humans were made to interact with each other and work together.   Sometimes we try and do it ourselves to our own detriment.

You will never reach your highest potential without a good adviser or mentor.

It’s impossible.

Why would a world-class tennis player need a coach, especially one who is not as good on the court as he or she is?

André Agassi answered the question this way: ‘Tennis requires subtle adjustments crucial to winning and my coach, Gill, is the best at making them. The older I get, the more valuable he becomes.’

Why is that?

Because age and experience don’t necessarily make you better; often they just deepen the rut you’re in.

In life, as in sports, you never reach the point where you don’t need good input. Yet many of us operate under the misguided assumption that because we lead, we don’t need to be led.

We make the mistake of measuring ourselves against others instead of our own God-given potential and, in the end, we never become what we could have been.

Self-evaluation is important, but the evaluation of others is crucial. A good coach measures your performance against your strengths, not somebody else’s. That’s because he or she knows what you’re capable of and they will push you to your limit.

And by the way, good coaches & mentors are constantly on the scene observing, not back at the office waiting for a report. That’s because they are personally invested in your success; a win for you is a win for them.



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