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Why the Tyre Industry are like Sequoia Trees!

I was talking to an M.D. of a large tyre company last week and he was frustrated because  it is such a cut-throat business now.  His competitors were constantly competing on price, which now limited the value customers were receiving.  He believes value to the customer is now parked in the back seat, and customers are being dis-served!

So I told him a story about Sequoia trees in the Californian National Park.

The Sequoia National Park has some Sequoia trees that are over 300 feet tall – the size of a 30-story building.   Sequoia trees have relatively shallow root systems for as tall as they are.

This is why you don’t see many Sequoias standing alone; they stand in groves. The roots of Sequoia trees entwine and together the added support prevents winds from uprooting any one tree.   Separate and standing apart from the rest, a Sequoia wouldn’t last very long.  With its shallow roots, it would fall prey to the harsh winds which blow against the Sierra Mountains.

We can learn a lot from those trees.

We might look strong, we may seem independent, but any thinking Business Owner knows he/she simply can’t survive apart from the guidance and help from other Business owners.  When bitter winds of adversity blow, we need the support of each other.  We’re engineered so that we require the intertwining of genuine give-and-take fellowship.

How much do we need help from others in hard times!

He looked at me and asked me how he could have a strong ‘root system’ in his business? How could he be different to other tyre Business owners, (to be his own Sequoia,) but at the same time entwine his root system with others, so everyone benefitted?

This was a great question, which I answered. BUT: I would like to know your answer first.

How, can business owners in the tyre industry work collaboratively?


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