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Many Sales Professionals & Business Owners have been ringing, or e-mailing, wanting guidance and advice, because they’re concerned about how they might keep their businesses functioning, and making money during the next 3 months while this Omicron virus spreads.

They want to know how to manage the steps to overcome a slump in sales, or keep money coming through the door, or how to make money during these potentially difficult times that may eventuate.

Janelle and I have heard some really interesting entrepreneurial stories about what people have done previously though the previous Corona Virus outbreak.

We all need to think differently for the next 12 weeks or more

One young boy was suspended from school because he was selling a squirt of hand sanitiser to his fellow pupil for 50p a squirt. The school thought he was exploiting his colleagues and took a dim view of that.

From an entrepreneurial point of view,

* • he saw a need and an opportunity,

* • he saw a problem that needed to be addressed,

* • and he was fulfilling an order.

No-one was forced to buy.

When the school closed him down, he had made £9.50.

He said, “If I can’t go to school, then I’m going to buy a big kebab with my earnings!”

Another story out of Australia.

A man was stopped for speeding. As the Police Officer approached the car, the driver held up a sign to his closed window which read, “I have Corona Virus.” He was allowed to continue on!

Whether you agree or disagree with the two stories is a mute point. People are thinking laterally on how to ride through this next period of uncertainty.

What are you doing to think laterally to get you through these next 12 weeks or so?

Janelle and I would like to help, and serve you.

If you are a Sales Professional or Business Owner, we would like to offer you guidance and support, or answer any questions such as how to keep the cashflow flowing, or how to continue selling.

We want to offer this advice, FREE to any Sales Professional or Business Owner.

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This is what Chris said as he moved through the last 12 months.

Just been working through the figures to date on sales banking and I’ve found it very interesting. I’m pretty happy really with the progress. 

My view/reflection, is it’ll be another 10% increase on last year.

I am pretty proud of what we have achieved so far.

Rob and Kevin achieved this over the past 12 months

Today we meet our accountants for end of year 2021.

( attached is draft accounts)

This holds some incredible numbers. 

Up on turnover from previous year 50.09% increase

GP up 47.52% increase

Net profit up 153.4% increase

 Plus we paid ourselves a 5 figure bonus each into our pension’s to enable us to buy property.

Wow what a year!!!!!

Here are 4 key ideas, I just want to give you, so you can get started with your planning.


Understand your mindset, and your clients mindset, and the limitations during this period. Understanding the way your clients think, is more important than the way you think during this time. You must understand this to keep selling. How do you keep the top 2” intact during this time? Please reach out so we can help you.


You must have products that solve people’s problems, during this period They must meet your clients needs at whatever stage they may be in, in the next 3 months. They must solve the key problem for your client. How do you do that? Please reach out so we can help you.


You want to ensure you don’t drown in the sea of sameness and be like everyone else during this time. How will you stand out? How do you position yourself in the Market place so you do stand out? Instead of a small fish in a big pond, you need to be the big fish in the same pond. How do you do that? Please reach out for help.

Circle of influence:

Yes, this is #4, and really important. Are the people you’re hanging around with right now, – as in the closest people, conducive to your growth during this period, or are they bringing you down?

And I need to be really honest with you here. If during this time, you’re hanging around 5 people who only see this virus threat from a negative perspective, then guess what, you’re going to be #6.

If you’re hanging around people who are not earning the money and complaining, then you’re going to #6 as well.

Change your Circle of influence and get around people who see the opportunities to grow and move themselves, and their businesses forward.

If I or Janelle can help you with advice or guidance, please do pick up the phone or e-mail us.

If you’re worried about how your business may survive, then reach out.

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