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This article is giving you important Leadership advice.

Napoleon described LEADERS as ‘dealers in hope’. He understood that hope is one of the greatest of all possessions. If you can be the person who bestows that gift on others, they’ll be attracted to you, and forever grateful.

How do you do this…… being a LEADER that gives and provides hope?

May I ask you….

 ·      Have you ever struggled in Business to get your staff to do as you have asked, but instead they’ve shrugged their shoulders and done their own thing?

·      Have you had times when you have issued instructions and no-one has carried them out?

·      Do you sometimes feel anxious wondering if you really are a leader and possibly suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome?’

·      Has there been a time when you have been leading, but no-one followed?

 What is LEADERSHIP?  (Leadership advice)

When it comes to leadership, uncertainty is a permanent part of the process. Furthermore, it isn’t an indication of poor leadership, it just underscores the need for it.

It is this environment in which good leadership is most often discovered. Since you’ll be constantly called to make decisions with limited information, your goal should not be to eliminate it, but develop the ability to have faith in your abilities and be courageous and clear in spite of it.

It is not your job as a leader to remove uncertainty. It’s your job to inspire, have, and provide clarity, believe, and progress in the midst of it.  Deal in the hope of what you can achieve.

 When you do that, you’re learning to be a leader.

 Imagine a place without a leader, an army without a General. Structure creates order. Without it no progress can be made.

 As a leader you will be called upon to make decisions regarding business, relationships, money, time, values, opportunities, and disputes. Your decisions show up on the bottom line. In that realm it takes longer to recognise your brilliance, or your stupidity, because you’re forced to lead for long periods of time without the benefit of knowing whether you made the right call.

Using an agricultural analogy.  By the time your ‘crop’ (your business) starts coming in its too late to change your agricultural (business) procedure.  What I mean by this is a farmer plants his crop but has to wait a few months until he sees any results.  It’s the same with your business. Change doesn’t happen immediately.

 As Colin Powell the Secretary of State once said, ‘Everyone knows who is, and who isn’t performing in a team, and they’re looking to you as the leader to see what you will do about it!’

 But courage is what will establish you as a leader before others.

 All progress begins with 1 question – What needs to be done?

The future belongs to those who are prepared to have the courage to ask the question and the faith to hang in there till they discover the answer.

Leadership Advice to lead your team

Leadership AdviceA person in a Leadership position needs to understand that if they are a leader, they already have the potential talent to lead. The question is that you may not see yourself as a leader. Sometimes though the ‘Peters Principle’ applies, – people get promoted to the level of their incompetence. How often have you seen a person who is great technically at what they do, get promoted and have no idea what to do next or lead and guide those he/she is now charge of?

If this could be you or someone in your business, then I have a unique and proven Leadership program that has been developed from my time, in the NZ Army, NZ Police and as a high ranking rugby referee, and a pilot will help you achieve your Leadership goals.

 My program helps key leaders in an organisation develop and improve their key relationships so they can:

•          Become an even more influential leader

•          Build a great culture

•          Understand how the right ‘Behaviours’ Impact the team Culture

•          Build a High Performing Team

•          Experience increased productivity from their team

•          Get buy-in from their team and stakeholders

•          Quickly become a ‘Gifted Leader’

•          Increase the care factor of their employees

•          Get better results from their team.

Any Leadership program is not a magic bullet to becoming a Leader.   The benefits and rewards you will receive though, when you immerse yourself into Leadership qualities are immense.    

Remember LEADERS are ‘dealers in hope’.

 This is what Steve said…

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