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How can you gain a head start in the quest for loyalty?

Incentives that’s how.

A study was done at a Carwash and loyalty cards handed out to 300 people.

The first a  time customer came in for car wash, a loyalty card would be stamped and given to the customer.

But there were 2 types or cards.

On the first card – Eight stamps were required for a free car wash.   And no stamps were attached to this card at the start.   The customer had to earn them at each car wash.

The second loyalty card, required 10 stamps, – however two stamps were already affixed. It meant that both cards needed 8 stamps. But second group felt well on way to receiving the reward.

19% of 8 stamp people came back, whereas 34% of 10 stamp clients did.

Reframing a programme as one that has started, but is incomplete, rather than one that has just begun means people feel more motivated to complete it.  The closer people get to achieving the reward the more effort they put in.

People are more likely to stick with a programme and tasks if you can offer them some evidence of how they’ve already made progress toward completing them.