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A Focus Issue.

We don’t have a business issue in the UK, we have a focus issue.  If your main focus is ‘instant gratification’ like, “I must have the new car now”, or “the new stereo system,” then you will struggle to have financial freedom from your business.

There is always something new every day to buy. Every day you see things you want, thinking it’s what you need. So much money is spent on advertising telling us our ‘wants’ are actually our needs.

But if you focus on having a great business that is debt free and investing for your future, then it becomes incredibly invigorating and it is really quite amazing what you can achieve.

That’s where you need to be different. You need to obtain that FOCUS so you know what to focus on.

So how do you FOCUS? How do you get kick-started?

It’s how you proceed from that start, that makes the difference. If you think differently and focus on your goals you’ll be prosperous. It’s a long-term change and a process. It is not an event. Events are short term changes. Processes are for a long-term strategy. Most people can’t understand how to focus in business because they have never been shown what to do, or how to do it. But when you are shown how to focus on what is important to you, and where you can end up by following your Vision and business strategy, then you will be successful.

Consider this: If you aim for nothing, then you’re bound to hit it!

Take your focus and look at it before you go to bed. Let your sub conscious work it over during the night. Don’t focus on weaknesses, focus on strengths and make them better. Don’t have a lot of strong weaknesses. Make sure that you form the habit of letting your sub-conscious work for you.

A habit is something you do so often, it becomes easy. Your habits will determine your future. Until you clearly understand what is holding you back, it is difficult to create more productive habits. The only pre-requisite is that you must commit to change. Listen to motivational tapes, read books when out driving walking or exercising. This is a habit almost all successful people have developed.

Changing Habits

Business Owners need to focus on reducing debt and creating wealth. Focus means sticking with something to its completion. It requires discipline and concentration.

Focus involves,

·     time,

·     effort,

·     energy,

·     input.

We discipline our kids so we should discipline ourselves with money and finances in business.  For example, –  if you are earning $3000 net per month, and have a credit card limit of $5000 then you’ll overspend every month. It doesn’t make sense. Focus on a credit card limit of only $1000 and you will never overspend and always have money left over.

Then pay yourself first.

When you are paid, commit 10% of every pay packet to yourself, into a special account. If you need to go on holiday, pay yourself first, and then the holiday money must come out of the remaining 90%. Live on less than you earn so you can have a surplus to get you out of debt and invest in assets that appreciate. You don’t have to spend less, just spend differently. Pay yourself first instead of last. No-one regardless of income can be financially successful unless they live on less than they earn.

The analogy for F.O.C.U.S. is,






A focus mindset uses money to buy outcomes and memories, not just material possessions. A person with a poverty mindset uses money simply to buy material things.  Some people win lotto and within a few years it’s all gone. Why? Because wealth was the result of an event, not a process. They hadn’t learnt how to be prosperous. There was no process of growth to learn how to handle the wealth. Prosperity is a process that needs to be mastered before change happens.

Concentrate on your focus, and with our help you will do really well, as have many of our clients.


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